ORSIS contains different possibilities to represent measured values as well as the driving status during the current simulation.

OpenGL View

The OpenGL view offers a high quality realtime visualization of the terrain driving. It is possible the change between the operators view and the view from outside. To use this visualization we recommend an actual OpenGL accelerator hardware (GeForce).


During the simulation a lot of individual measurements can be observed in special designed graphical windows:

  • Forces at the tyres
  • Sinkage and deflection of all individual tyres
  • Fuel consumption
  • Forces acting on the vehicle body

Measured values of a single tyre (forces, slip, sinkage, deflection)

Forces acting on the vehicle body (tractive force, air resistance etc.)

Fuel consumption


Wireframe visualization

Beneath the OpenGL view ORSIS offers a 3D wireframe visualization which works via network and does not require a special hardware acceleration. This visualization contains all necessary information about the actual driving state of the car and therefore it is sufficient for most engineering applications of ORSIS (vehicle development).