Examples of simulation results

ORSIS offers manyfolded possibilities regarding the design and the opimization of wheeled off road vehicles, for example:

  • Comparison of different driveline concepts
  • Torques in the driveline also with engaged differential locks
  • Influence of the tyre inflation pressure
  • Prediction of the climbing capability
  • Investigation of the tilting boundaries
  • Optimization of the steering configuration regarding the rolling resistance (multipass)
  • Optimization of the suspension system concerning the oscillations acting on the driver and the load

In the following some examples of simulation results are depicted.

Influence of the number and the position of the driven axles on the drawbar pull

Influence of the tire inflation pressure on different axles of a four axle vehicle on the drawbar pull and the rolling resistance


Maximum climbing capability and tractive force

Tractive force versus speed of vehicles with an electrical and a mechanical driveline