Here you find demoversions of ORSIS for the operations systems IRIX und LinuX. ORSIS is developed for UNIX systems, so there are NO VERSIONS for Microsoft operating systems.

The demoversions have a limited function in comparision to the commercial version:

Restrictions of the Demoversion

  • It is possible to simulate a single 2-axle vehicle
  • It is not possible to change the vehicle parameters
  • It is not possible to store individual settings


Please choose a version according to your operation system. For the installation only little knowledge of the operation system UNIX is required. Please consider the installation hints.

Version 1.2 (Demo):

Operation system LinuX:

 (3,92 MB)

Operation system IRIX (min. Version 6.5):

 (2,89 MB)


ORSIS manual (PDF-File):

We are really sorry that there is - so far - only a German version of the manual available.

 (4,8 MB)

Version 2.0 (Demo):

Version 2.0 is completely reworked concerning the vehicle dynamics model and the tire-soil interaction model.

Operation system LinuX:

 (3,92 MB)

Operation system IRIX (min. Version 6.2):

 (2,91 MB)

A manual is in preparation.

Additional program (needed for data evaluation)

ORSIS offers a comfortable data evaluation by means of a graphical user interface. As a prerequisite to make use of this feature, an installation of the freeware program ACE/gr or Xmgr is needed, which is part of most LinuX distributions. A corresponding version is also available for SGI computers with IRIX.

Operation system LinuX:


 (1,3 MB)

Operation system IRIX:


 ( 738 kB)

More actual versions of Xmgr (ACE/gr) as well as hints for the installation are to be found on the internet under:   http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Xmgr/


ORSIS is registered trademark of the Federal Republic of Germany