Applications examples of ORSIS

The most important field of application of the simulation program ORSIS is the virtual vehicle development and testing. In this connection it is possible to archieve a reproducable vehicle optimization regarding realistic driving situations. The realtime capability allows the combination of ORSIS with real test stands (Hardware in the Loop) as well as with driving simulators. Beyond that, ORSIS is suitable for an interactive product presentation as well as for the building of inexpensive simulators suitable for teaching, fairs etc. .

Vehicle  development and test

  • Comparison and evaluation of vehicle concepts
  • Prediction of substantial performance data
  • Evaluation of load data
  • Component test (Hardware in the Loop)
  • Reproducible vehicle testing
  • Optimization of the vehicle design
  • Product presentation

Driver training in terrain

  • Training of standard and extreme situations
  • Drive with special vehicle configurations (center of gravity)
  • Drive with special vehicles
  • Tactical driving
  • " reading " the terrain

Mission planning

  • Forecast of trafficability with consideration of:
    • - Topography
      - Soil characteristics
      - Weather (Also forecast)

  • Route planning
  • Vehicle selection
  • Prediction of driving speed, fuel consumption etc.